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About July 30, 2010

Welcome to The Hoppdiva Blog!!!!

I am a big time Foodie and a few years back I discovered that I had a knack for creating recipes that used either the spent grain from my husbands brewing or the beer itself!  Hops is not just for drinking folks.  Cooking with home brew or other craft beer is so much fun!

The group of ladies in the pic above are some of my taste testers. A couple were not avid beer drinkers and did not have a good impression of craft beer.   After talking with anyone who has not had a good experience with craft beer it’s usually because they felt the beer was too bitter.  Sometimes when people try craft beers they choose a beer for the  lighter color thinking a dark beer has a higher IBU or is hopier – yup that is a word.  ( “IBU is an abbreviation for the International Bitterness Units scale, a gauge of beer’s bitterness. What IBUs measure are the parts per million of isohumulone found in a beer. Isohumulone is the acid found in hops that gives beer its bitter bite.  Though the IBU scale can be used as a general guideline for taste, with lower IBUs corresponding to less bitterness and vice versa, it’s important to note that malt and other flavors can mask the taste of bitterness in beer”)  It’s important to check the IBU in a beer and if you go to a good brewery they should direct you away from beers with a high IBU until you have developed a taste for a “hoppy beer”.  This will greatly improve your beer experiences.

I for one do not like to drink beer but like to taste it.  From tasting I can tell if I might be able to make something out of it.  You would be amazed at the cakes, peanut brittle, jelly or even sorbet I have made with beer.  In my blog I will give you some recipes, advice, places to visit and beer to try.  I have interviewed some great women  brewers (which there are not many…….yet.  I hope to share  some of their experiences with you and who knows maybe get some of you interested in not only cooking with beer/hops but also to start brewing.

Give my recipes and blog a try if you are ready to step out of the box and have some fun!





3 Responses to “About”

  1. Audrey Says:

    I love your blog, it inspires me 🙂 I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award! http://tonetiki.wordpress.com/2012/04/18/versatile-blogger-award-nomination/

  2. Danya Vander Lugt Says:

    Great information here! I am a big fan of the goodies you create with beer/hops and spent grain!! Definitely unique and really tasty.

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