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A Low Fat Margarine September 12, 2010

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My mom has always taught me that you only use butter to cook/bake with……..that is fine if you are not trying to cut back on your fat content and this is also coming from a woman who made her pie crusts with lard until a couple of years ago!  I have not found a butter that is low in fat at all and since we need some fat in our baking for the texture I had to resort to margarine……..sorry mom.  I have found a low fat margarine that is only 5 grams in each tablespoon.  The name is Blue Bonnet Lite.  It is a bit more difficult to melt but it does a pretty good job for the most part when you need just a little fat in your baking.

If you know of another low fat butter/margarine please email me and give us all a heads up!



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