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Ginger Stout Muffins September 21, 2010

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Recently I was reading one of my numerous food magazines and ran across an article about people taking one of their passions and turning it into cash!  Wow if it was only that simple, I would be a multi-millionaire 🙂  One of the people highlighted in the article was a woman who made muffins and sold them at her local farmers  market.  It was a classic rags to riches story.  Her claim to fame was Gingerbread Muffins made with Stout Beer.  Well, my brain went right into create mood!  Gingerbread mix in cupboard – check!  Egg beaters in frig – check!  Stout Beer in house – check , check and double check (my husband brews beer – wahoooo)!

The box of gingerbread was a bit higher in fat than I like but it was giving me the content for 12 muffins and I was able to make more like 18 so that helped out a bit and all I had to add to the mix was my egg beater.  Instead of the 1 1/2 cups of water the mix asks for, cut that down to 1 cup and this is where you use the Stout Beer.  Follow the rest of the package instructions.  I did not use paper liners but was thinking if I had some of the tulip shaped ones that would have been awesome!

The beer brought out the intense flavor of the gingerbread so you need to make sure that you really like gingerbread.  It was wonderful!  My next problem came with the frosting.  In my mind I knew what I wanted – a great low fat cream cheese frosting that I could pipe onto my new tasty muffins………………….but what I ended up with was a glaze 😦  I used all the cream cheese that I had which was 1 1/2 packages of no fat cream cheese, 2 Tlb of low fat margarine and powdered sugar.  Well after 3 cups of sugar I decided enough was enough and I would not end up with the thick cream cheese frosting that I wanted.  Nor could I put some of the Stout Beer into the frosting to add to the taste (way to thin already).  Don’t get me wrong the glaze has a great cream cheese taste just not what I had envisioned.

I have not given up on creating a frosting but that will have to wait until I can make a carrot muffin with a beer blend and have it taste good.  Enjoy and let me know how your Ginger Stout Muffins turn out   🙂

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One Response to “Ginger Stout Muffins”

  1. Ramona Says:

    Just a side note to the frosting or should I say glaze. I did finally get the glaze to thicken up. I had to add 1 more 8 oz. package of cream cheese to about 1/2 cup of the original glaze! This will be my new mission – cream cheese frosting not glaze and it will be low fat!

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