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Some Early Fall Bread Ideas September 22, 2010

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The weather is changing – well here in the Midwest it is 🙂  With the cooler weather comes more baking inspiration and I also notice my husband is making more beer.  Recently he was at an “Extreme Brewing” class that was offered at Hop Cat.  While he was in the class I had a few quick moments to talk with the instructor and I asked his opinion regarding the “paring ” of beer with some breads (like carrot, pumpkin, etc).   I told him about the paring of stout and gingerbread.  He  sort of poo pooed it but I’m glad I didn’t listen because the infusion of the stout and the gingerbread was fabulous!!!!!!  I recently did the same thing with a Harvest Carrot Bread.  Not only did the bread turn darker in color but tastes really good ( I will have that recipe up today too).

I did try the “teacher’s” suggestion regarding using an IPA with my carrot bread/cupcakes – YUCK.  No flavor or anything.  Now to his defense I did try the IPA with a boxed mix instead of making it from scratch.  So I will try using an IPA again with my Harvest Bread.

Now, while creating the Harvest Carrot Bread I noticed that I had some bananas that were in dire need to have something done with them (you know what I mean black and mushy).  I couldn’t think of any beer  we had in the house that would pare nicely with it.  I found a low fat recipe for banana bread that called for coconut?  What was that person thinking – coconut is very high in fat ( another tasty item that I have pretty much given up).  So as I looked around my kitchen for low fat coconut flavor I spotted coconut rum 🙂  The end result was fantastic!  I will share this recipe with you also very soon 🙂

Happy baking!


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