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Gift Ideas! November 4, 2010

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One thing that I know for sure is  if you are going to stick with a new life choice, you need to have options – lots of options!  That is why you have me 🙂   So, I have come up with a list of gift ideas for you or someone you know that is trying to change their food choices and doing Low Fat options.

Since the holidays are fast approaching and many of us are starting your Christmas shopping I thought I would give you some gift ideas.  You can find a nice bag (recycled from last year) and some paper stuffing and place any of these items to make a great gift.  I promise you that if someone has started choosing Low Fat options they will love, love these gift choices.  Remember if you have found some selections that are not available to the receiver of the gift, that will make the gift even more personal!

Gingerbread Cake Mix (low in fat)

Snack Factory Pretzel Thins  (many flavors)

Better n Peanutbutter  (Trader Joes)

Laughing Cow Low Fat Cheese (many varieties)

Aunt Millies Bagels (only 1 gram per bagel)

Pudge Brownie Mix (NO FAT & Delish – check out all the flavors!)

Low Fat Recipes that you have tried on cards/or in a book you have made

Sesmark Sea Salt Crackers (Health Hut)

Guiltless Gourmet Tortilla Chips (Health Hut)

Butter Flavor Pam Spray

Olive Oil Pam Spray

Sesmark Rice Thins Crackers (Health Hut)

Plain/Vanilla Yogurt (large container)

No Fat Cream Cheese (8 oz pkg) – Philadelphia

No Fat Whipped Cream Cheese – Philadelphia

No Fat Fig Newtons!

Gummy Bears, worms, etc

Salsa (all fat free!)

Canned Chicken Breast in Water (98%fat free)

Knorr’s Pesto Mix ( great stuff – just don’t add all the water and none of the olive oil – very yummy!)

Knorr’s Creamy Pesto Mix


Ok, you get the ideas!  Email me what your “staples” are in your kitchen.   1lowfatdiva@gmail.com



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