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Fabulous & Easy Low Fat Biscotti December 20, 2010

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How many cookie exchanges have you been invited to?  Me – only one this year 🙂   So I was trying to decide what “low fat” cookie would work out and came up with Biscotti.  As I searched my recipes trying to find one that I could change to be more low fat, I found an easy Biscotti recipe that I knew would work great.  I always like to give people recipes with options and variety!  I get bored and I always figure there are others out there like me 🙂

I made this recipe and one that I had from scratch.  My taste testers couldn’t tell the difference between the two!  With the holiday fast approaching and time very limited, you can make these cookies and not be stressed at all!  Enjoy 🙂   email questions and comments to 1lowfatdiva@gmail.com

Fabulous & Easy Low Fat Biscotti

1 cake mix (choose a low fat flavor)
1 cup flour
6 Tlb. Blue Bonnet Lite melted and cooled
2-3 Tlb. No fat Yogurt
½ cup Egg Beaters
2 tsp. flavoring (depends on the flavor you are going for ie; almond, coconut, vanilla)
Sugar Crystals

Set oven to 325 degrees.  Combine cake mix and flour by whisking together.  Add oleo, eggs and flavoring together.  Mix in with dry ingredients.  Dough will be stiff.  Stir in any nuts or fruits you would like (the amount will depend on how “flavorful” you want your Biscotti).  Separate dough in half.  Form dough on cookie sheet into 13 inch log that is 3 inches wide and about 2-3 inches thick.  Lightly spray with Butter Flavored Pam and sprinkle with Sugar Crystals.  Bake 35 min. Cool for about 10.  Cut into slices.  Turn oven temp to 300 and bake for 8 min.  Flip and bake for 8 more min.  Biscotti will harden more as it cools.

Note:  You can drizzle with very small amount of chocolate.


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