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Raisin Cookie Mix January 23, 2011

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Recently I was at my new sponsor, Plumbs Market, perusing the aisles looking for my “staples” that I keep on hand when I spotted an endcap with some cookie mixes on it.  The name was one that I recognized from living in the Midwest – Janie’s Cookies.  As I was looking through the varieties for one that would be low in fat, I noticed the bag said “Margarine is not recommended, use butter”.  Ok then, that sounded like a challenge to me so I decided to purchase the Oatmeal Raisin Cookie Mix.

Since it was so cold and snowy on Saturday it seemed like a prime time to do some work in the “test kitchen” and my husband has been grumbling about the lack of cookies in the house.  So I set out my Blue Bonnet Lite Margarine to get to room temp and soften up a bit.  I then took the bag of cookie mix in a large bowl, added my stick of softened margarine and worked it into the mix.  I then added my 1 Egg Beater and some water.  The mix looked just like it should and I proceeded to bake my cookies as directed on the package.

I was almost finished when my husband came in from snow blowing the drive and he eyed the cookies.  Taking one in each hand he enjoyed them and raved about how good they were!  Hummmm, should I tell him they were low fat (about 1.5 grams in each cookie) or just let him revel in the taste and enjoy them?   I just let him enjoy them but had to tell you!

I like to keep mixes on hand for those occasions where I can whip up a batch of low fat cookies and stick some in the freezer.  Janie’s Cookie Mix is a bit costly but I think it’s worth it when the end result tastes just like home made 🙂  Enjoy!  For comment/questions please contact 1lowfatdiva@gmail.com


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