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Spring Salads March 28, 2011

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The calendar tells us it’s suppose to be Spring but………in Michigan, where I live, you could say that Mother Nature is a bit mixed up.  We are still looking at temperatures in the low 20’s and very little sun.

Even though the weather temps might not shout Spring, I know that I’m ready to think along those lines.  While in the test kitchen a couple of days ago I was rummaging through my frig and spotted some black berries that I had recently purchased along with some strawberries, low fat feta cheese and some other goodies and ideas started flying.  Before I knew it I had three salads made!  When my husband came home he asked who all the salad was for and I looked at him and said US!  We both had a good laugh knowing I would be on the phone to taste testers to hurry over because there was way to much for us to eat.  I know that you are going to enjoy these delicious salads and you too will soon be thinking Spring!  Enjoy 🙂  Email comments/questions to 1lowfatdiva@gmail.com Hopefully you have signed up to get notified through this web site but you can also find me on Facebook under Fabulous Low Fat Foods! 

Asian Green Salad

Lite Asian Sesame/Ginger Dressing (Low Fat)

1 ½ # of skirt steak

6 0z bag of Spring Mix salad greens

¼ cup cilantro

1 cup red sliced radishes

1 cup sliced English cucumber

Pour some of the dressing into a zip lock bag and add the steak.  Seal well and mix the meat around in the bag to coat evenly.  Let stand at room temp for about 30 min.

Remove steak from bag, discard dressing and grill steak to desired doneness.  Just before the steak is finished cooking the way you like it, remove it from the grill and place it on a pan to rest for about 10 min.  Slice the steak in thin slices cutting across the grain.

In a large bowl place the greens, cilantro, radishes and the cucumber.  Add a bit of dressing (just to lightly coat –not saturate the leaves) toss carefully and place on serving plates.  Top with a bit of ground pepper.  Serve immediately.     Yum!

White Bean & Tuna Salad

1 can of solid white albacore tuna drained

3 oz of fire-roasted low fat red peppers drained

1 small red onion sliced

½ -1 can or cannellini beans rinsed and drained thoroughly

2 cups of Spring Mixed Greens

Fat Free Sun-dried Tomato Vinaigrette or Fat Free Red Pepper Vinaigrette

In a large bowl combine everything but dressing.  Tossing gently.  Add a bit of your dressing to just flavor the salad not drench the leaves.  Toss again gently.  Place on serving plates.  Delightful!

NOTE:  you can also use another low fat fish for this recipe if you choose to.  Salmon is quite high in fat – yes, it’s good fat but if you are watching your fat grams you need to remember the amount of grams you are consuming.

A Berry Green Salad

3 Tlb. Of thawed limeade concentrate

¼ tsp. pepper

¾ # chicken breast/tenders

6 oz of Spring Mix with Baby Spinach

1 cups sliced strawberries

1 cup blackberries/blueberries

1 cup fresh sugar snap peas trimmed

1 small red onion sliced

Fat Free Raspberry Vinaigrette

Low Fat Feta Cheese Pieces

In a resealable plastic bag, place chicken, limeade and pepper.  Seal the bag and turn over a few times to coat the chicken.  Refrigerate 2 hours.  Remove chicken from the bag, drain and discard the mixture.  Sauté the chicken or place it on the grill until it is no longer pink in the middle.  Let rest for 10 min. and slice thin – Cool

Place greens, strawberries, blackberries/blue berries, peas and red onion in a large bowl.  Gently toss to combine.  Add chicken slices and a bit of Fat Free Raspberry Vinaigrette to coat the greens.  Gently toss and place on plates.  Top with a couple Low Fat Feta Cheese pieces.   Serve immediately.      Tastefully wonderful!


Zesty Lemon Pepper Pork Tenderloin March 16, 2011

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While at Plumb’s Market last Friday for my food demo I took advantage of their meat sale.  I purchased some sea food as well as one of my “staples” pork loin.  Since the weather finally warmed up today and we actually saw sunshine, I decided to uncover the grill to make my pork loin!

The recipe is very simple and you can change things up anyway you like but believe me the lemon pepper really is a nice change for the loin.   Enjoy!  Comments/questions  1lowfatdiva@gmail.com

Zesty Lemon Pepper Pork Tenderloin

1 tsp Lemon Pepper (I use McCormicks)

1/2 tsp. paprika (tried the recipe with smoked paprika and did not care for it)

1 tsp. ground garlic

1 tsp. dried onion

1/2 tsp. basil (or you could use dill)

1 Tlb. lemon juice

2 – 3 pounds of Tenderloin

Make this into a paste and spread onto your pork tenderloin.  Let sit at room temp for about 20-30 min. providing you are not in a warm climate.  If your weather is warm then put in frig for 20 min. and then remove to sit at room temp for 15 min.

Place on grill with meat thermometer and grill until temp is at 145-150.  Remove from heat, cover with foil and let rest for at least 15 min.The pork will continue to cook while it’s resting.  The temp will go up to 155-160 and should be perfect 🙂


Hearty Stew March 11, 2011

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I have two recipes for you for this month’s Women’s Lifestyle Magazine.  The first is a wonderful Hearty Stew that has some ingredients you will be amazed at and the other is a Pulled Pork.  Yes, you read that correct, pulled pork.  Normally pulled pork is quite high in fat but I have found a way to make it with a different cut of meat and it is wonderful!

Both recipes call for a Brown Ale.  Although I did make it with beer you can use only low fat chicken stock.  Before you become too leery about the beer remember all the alcohol is cooked out of the recipe long before you eat it.  One of the recipes takes 2 hours to make and the other is in a slow cooker for over 8 hours.  The flavor the ale provides to the dish is a richness that truly is worth the venture.   Enjoy:)  Send comments/questions to 1lowfatdiva@gmail.com

Low Fat Pulled Pork

Hearty Low Fat Stew

Low Fat Version Of Pulled Pork

3 # of Pork Tenderloin

2 Tlb. Cumin

6-8oz Dark Malt Porter Beer ( or you can use a Bordeaux)

1 cup Ketchup

3 Tlb Cider Vinegar

4 Cloves Minced Garlic

2 Pinches of Red Pepper

1 Tlb. Molasses

2 Tlb. Honey

1-2 tsp. Liquid smoke

Take out pork so that it’s room temperature.   Combine all the sauce mix in bottom of slow cooker.  Stir so all the ingredients so they are combined well.  If you choose not to use beer or the Bordeaux, just substitute no fat chicken broth for the liquid.

On high heat, brown the roast in a pan that has been sprayed with Pam.  Make sure you keep an eye to not cook it, you are just browning all the sides.

Place the browned tenderloin into the slow cooker.  The “sauce” should cover the tenderloin.  Turn the slow cooker on low for 6 hours.

After 6-7 hours remove the pork loin and place on a pan that has sides (13×9 works great).  Using a fork, pull the pork into pieces.

If you have a grease separator you can strain the liquid from the crockpot.  I use some of this liquid to mix into the pork once I have finished “pulling” it because of all the great flavors or you can mix some of the liquid into the bbq sauce of your choice.  Ciabatta rolls are quite low in fat and work great for pulled pork sandwiches!

Hearty Low Fat Stew

1# of Pork Tenderloin (cut into bite size pieces)

2 Tlb. Flour

1 Small Onion (roughly chopped)

1-2 Parsnip (peeled & roughly chopped)

1-2 Carrot (peeled & roughly chopped)

2 med. Yukon Gold Potatoes or Red Potatoes (roughly chopped with skins on) NOTE: You can use whole small potatoes too

1 Tlb. Rosemary

1 cup No Fat Chicken Stock

1-½ cups Brown Ale Beer

Salt & Pepper

2 Tlb. Blue Bonnett Lite

4-6 oz. Portabella Mushrooms

Put flour and a bit of salt & pepper in a bowl.  Add pork pieces just a few at a time to dust the pieces in flour.  Melt the oleo in a pot and brown the pork pieces.  After all the pieces have been browned add the left over flour to the pan.  Add the rosemary, onions, beer and stock stirring to dissolve the flour.  Bring to a boil and quickly reduce the heat to a low simmer for 1 ½ hours.  In the last ½ hour add all the vegetables (parsnip, carrot, potatoes, mushrooms) and cook.

NOTE: I make homemade bread to go along with or you can use a rustic low fat bread from local Plumbs Market bakery.  This is a great way to soak up the gravy from the stew!


Shrimp And Chicken Gumbo March 7, 2011

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Since this is Mardi Gras season I thought you might like a different version of Gumbo.  Traditionally there is spicy sausage as well as chicken thighs in gumbo but to make it more low fat, I changed the ingredients up a bit.  This recipe is a bit spicy but you can cut back on anything you think you/your family might now care for.  I hope you like it as much as we do.   Enjoy! Send comments/questions to 1lowfatdiva@gmail.com

Shrimp and Chicken Gumbo

  • 1 tablespoon Blue Bonnet Lite
  • 1/4 teaspoon cayenne pepper
  • 2onions, chopped
  • 3 stalkscelery, chopped
  • 1 sweet green pepper, diced
  • 1 sweet red pepper, diced
  • 3garlic cloves, chopped
  • 3 cups low fat chicken broth
  • 1 (28 ounce) candiced tomatoes (with the juice)
  • 1/4 lbboneless skinless chicken breast, cut into bite size pieces
  • 1/2 cuplong-grain rice
  • 1/2 teaspoon hot pepper sauce
  • salt, to taste
  • black pepper, to taste
  • 1 cupcorn (frozen )
  • 1 pound raw shrimp peeled
  • 3green onions, sliced
  1. Melt oleo in a large pot.   Whisk together the flour and cayenned, then whisk into the melted butter. Reduce heat to medium/low and continue whisking for a few minutes until the roux turns a golden colour.
  2. Add onions, celery, peppers and garlic. Cook 5 – 10 minutes until vegetables are wilted.
  3. Add broth, tomatoes, chicken, rice, salt, pepper and hot sauce. Cover and simmer 20 minutes.
  4. Add corn and shrimp and simmer 5 minutes or until shrimp are no longer pink.  Add green onions
  5. Add  salt and pepper to taste

Note:  You can also add okra to the recipe if you would like to.  Add it when you put in the chicken if it’s fresh.  If frozen then add when you put the corn and shrimp in.


Fat Tuesday!

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As much as I would like to say that I have discovered a miracle way to lower the fat in the delicious mouth-watering, sinful Paczki…….I’m afraid I can’t 😦  So, what are you to do?  Well, we actually have two choices.  The first choice is to not eat the once a year yummy Paczki and instead opt to make a King Cake.  King Cakes are really quite easy to make and will remind you of making a cinnamon roll except you put a plastic baby somewhere in the roll of dough (who ever gets the baby is suppose to have good luck for the year).

When I make a King Cake, I simply use my favorite cinnamon roll recipe.  When I roll the dough out to put my filling in I use currents or raisins as well as a brown sugar/white sugar mix.  Instead of using melted butter I use the refrigerated spray butter which keeps the fat content down.  Be sure to tightly roll up the dough in a log fashion.  Have a sprayed springform pan ready.  Don’t cut the dough into pieces, but carefully take the “roll” and place in a ring around the springform pan.  Let the dough rise until almost double (remember it will rise a bit in the oven).  Bake at 350 degrees for about 30 min or until golden brown.  When you remove the King Cake from the oven, let it cool for 10 minutes before you invert it onto a cooling rack.  Cool completely.  Place the cake onto a tray.  Mix up some icing from powdered sugar(1 cup of powdered sugar and 1 Tlb. of no fat milk) and spread top of the cake.  The icing will drizzle down the sides.  Take some green, purple and gold sprinkles and decorate the cake in sections.  They are yummy and have a great deal less fat than a Panczki does.

You can also make the King Cake with fillings like apple, blueberry, date, lemon, etc.  Just be careful as you transfer the “roll” into you pan.   Enjoy!    Send comments/questions to 1lowfatdiva@gmail.com


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