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Why I Love Crab Cakes April 22, 2011

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Living in Michigan we don’t see much of the sun for many months out of the year, so when it finally shines most of us want to celebrate!  My mom brought home some claw crabmeat for me from Florida recently and I decided today was the perfect day to use it, the sun was shining!

Making crab cakes low fat is really quite simple and they still taste delicious.  The huge thing you have to remember is to make your cakes up ahead of time so they can get quite chilled (but if you are like me and don’t always plan ahead – just stick them in your freezer to get really chilled).  Be sure to splurge and get real crabmeat not the minced can stuff that is in the caned tuna aisle:)

I pared the crab cakes  with roasted asparagus, some rustic bread and a mixed greens salad.

Crab Cakes Recipe: Click here.


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