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Low Fat Mexican Recipes – Ole’ April 29, 2011

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The Mexican casserole  I have for you this month is wonderful (as well as all the other Mexican recipes I will be posting).  Believe me  when I say I had a ton more taste testers this time and they were a tough bunch, all men!

I took the Mexican Casserole, Chicken Enchiladas and some Mexican Rice to a meeting.  At first the food was met with a great deal of scrutiny, “men do not like things that are low in fat” was their comment to me.  But after they tasted it, the men soon changed their attitude and even asked for more.  The dishes are hearty, with a zesty Mexican flavor except for the rice.  The rice is a calm taste to your palate.  I love rice of any kind so I wanted to prove to all my taste testers that when this rice is pared with the zesty flavors of the other dishes it was not only a colorful side dish but also stood on it’s own merit.

I hope you enjoy all the new Mexican recipes that I will be putting up.  The first three will be the Mexican Casserole, Chicken Enchiladas and the Mexican Rice.  More will be coming in just a few short days (didn’t want to give your taste buds sensory overload)!

Enjoy these and hopefully you can make the recipes for Cinco de Mayo or your next family meal 🙂


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