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Sometimes You Just Can’t Substitute May 20, 2011

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A few weeks ago my niece asked me to make some bite size desserts for a wedding shower.  I was thrilled at the chance to head into my “test kitchen” and work out some new low fat baking recipes.  But after a few hours I was ready to throw in the towel and admit defeat!  My mom always told me that sometimes you just can’t substitute for the real thing.  Boy was she right!
I always use a great low fat margarine for cooking/baking (Blue Bonnet Lite).   The bride to be wanted a white cake so I decided to theme all the desserts to be white.  I started out with white cupcakes and wanted to pipe this great meringue butter cream frosting I used to make on the cupcakes and sprinkle with sugar crystal that would make them sparkle.  Sounds great right?  Well, sounding great and turning out low fat was a totally different story. The cupcakes were going perfectly, looking good and the tops perfect.  Made the first part of my meringue frosting and was so excited (hadn’t even attempted it since I started my low fat life style) started adding my low fat margarine and it went down hill from there!  I knew the frosting would “break down” for a bit and separate but it was suppose to come back together after about 15 minutes of beating with my mixer……..Well 15 minutes can, left and other 15 went by….still no luck!  The mixture was just runny and awful.  I was so discouraged but learned a valuable lesson (even though my friends who are chefs had told me more than once) sometimes you just can’t substitute for the real thing.
Things did work out.  I made a powdered sugar frosting, adding a bit of my low fat margarine so it was rich and creamy.  I still piped the frosting on the cupcakes and sprinkled them with the sugar but you know what it’s like when you have your heart set on something 🙂

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