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Fire Up The Grill And Smoker! June 1, 2011

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It’s June and now is the time to dust off the grill and smoker so we can get the season started!  I love to grill and will cook as much as I can on my grill/smoker until late October.  Everything just tastes better when it’s cooked on the grill.

As the cost of gas increases so will the cost of our groceries, so it’s important to purchase items like meats when they go on sale and stock up your freezer.   Meats that I keep on hand are pork tenderloin, beef tenderloin, chicken breast, flank steak (don’t let the name fool you, it’s tender and very delish), ground chicken breast, ground turkey breast, chicken breast brats and fat free hot dogs! Plumb’s Market has great meat departments with good selections.  All the meat I keep on hand is low in fat and is very easy to grill as long as you follow a couple of grilling rules.  Number 1– Don’t overcook!  Take pork off the grill when it reaches an internal temp of 150 degrees, cover it and let it rest for 10 minutes before you cut it ( all meat should also be taken off before the desired temp)! Number 2– Poking is a no-no when it comes to grilling and will cause the meat to dry out. Use tongs when you want to turn meat over or move it. Number 3– Seasoning your meat. Experiment and try new marinades or rub mixtures (a rub is dry and put on the outside of the meat) but be sure to not lose the taste of the meat.  You can make up your own rubs and marinades from things you have in your cupboard or you can purchase them from your local Plumb’s Market.  Lowery, KC Masterpiece and others make good marinades that are low in fat when you are short on time (remember if you make your own to omit the oil to keep the fat down).

Some examples of tasty meat and flavor pairings: pork tenderloin with citrus flavors (lemon or orange).  Beef tenderloin or flank steak is fabulous with garlic, rosemary, coffee, or soy sauce flavors.  Chicken is the most versatile meat because you can mix, rub or marinade it with just about anything!


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