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Jeff’s Stuffed Peppers August 29, 2011

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We had a small dinner party last Saturday evening with some people we recently met.  Jeff, brought over some appetizers and they were delish!  But as usual, I needed to find a way to make them a bit lower in fat and still taste great.  Jeff and his wife Diana share a garden with some of their friends so they went and picked a variety off peppers.  There were jalapeno, small yellow, green and red peppers.  Remember not to be afraid of a jalapeno pepper because once you take out the seeds, the peppers are quite mild.   We baked the peppers on the grill with a pepper holder to keep the peppers upright.  You don’t need to purchase this handy little item unless you have the room to store it and you know you will make these a lot!  I decided to put the peppers on a rack that I had sprayed with olive oil spray.


6 – 8  various peppers that are long and tapered (jalapeno, banana peppers, poblano pepper, etc.)  Remove seeds and clean out core

6-8 oz of  low fat mozzarella cheese (you can use string cheese if it’s low in fat)

6-8 slices of turkey bacon

tooth picks


After you have removed the seeds and core of your peppers be sure to wash your hands thoroughly!  Cut the mozzarella cheese into long 1 inch pieces to fit down the center of your peppers.  Wrap each pepper with a slice of turkey bacon and secure with a tooth pick.

Place the peppers in a pepper holder and put over direct heat on grill or put the peppers on a rack that has been sprayed with olive oil over direct heat.  If you use a rack, be sure to roll your peppers so they receive an even roast on the grill.  The cheese will not melt but soften up and glisten and the bacon will sizzle (yes, even turkey bacon sizzles).

Remove the peppers from the grill and place on your serving plate.  Try and refrain from eating the peppers right away because the cheese is super hot!  Wait about 5 min. before eating.         Enjoy!   Send comments/questions to 1lowfatdiva@gmail.com


NOTE:  my thanks to Jeff and Diana for the intro to their idea of jalapeno poppers!  Delish!!!



2 Responses to “Jeff’s Stuffed Peppers”

  1. Jeff Says:

    being a low-fat fan at heart, I’ll have to try the updated receipe. Have used low-fat cream cheese before and couldn’t tell the diff, still great. Key is you don’t want the cheese to run out before bacon crisps good but turkey bacon might be good alternative!

    • lowfatdiva Says:

      Good point about the cream cheese Jeff, but I really think to keep the wonderful flavor and the ease of the recipe, we need to stick to the low fat mozzarella. It cuts way down on the fat and still has a great flavor. There is an assortment of turkey bacon on the market and believe me some are much better than others! Let me know how you like the new version of your poppers:)

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