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Mamma Mia’ It’s A Low Fat Pizza! September 30, 2011

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Mamma Mia’ That’s a Pizza!

Another myth of choosing a low fat life style is that you no longer will be able  to enjoy pizza, well I’m here to bust that myth!  This month I’m going to show you how you can enjoy a huge variety of pizzas including a breakfast pizza that will make your family shout Mamma Mia’.

The only real trick to making a low fat  pizza is reading the labels on the toppings you will be using. For a quick pizza crust Plumb’s Market has a couple of great ready to make crusts or you can do what I do by purchasing dough balls and keeping them in your freezer.  But don’t get hung up on thinking you always have to make pizza using a traditional “crust” because you can make it from so many different items that you have in your frig  like; bagels, pita rounds or half of a French bread loaf.  Your pizza can be hot, spicy, resemble a taco, have buffalo chicken on it, contain only fresh vegetables or how about some scrambled eggs, Canadian Bacon and turkey sausage.  Ok, now that your mouth is watering and you  believe great tasting pizza can be made in your kitchen or on the grill (yes, grilling is a great way to make pizza), let me give you some pizza ideas.  Making pizza is a fun family event and who knows you may throw out that number for takeout pizza!

Here are some tips for making your pizza from dough balls.  I love using them because you can cut them into pieces (usually 3 per dough ball) and everyone can have their own favorite pizza.  Take the dough out the night before, place in frig to thaw and you will be ready to create your pizzas for dinner.  After you cut the dough into half/thirds or you keep it whole, lightly spray a pan with Butter Flavored Pam.  If you use a pizza stone just put a bit of corn meal on the stone.  Carefully work from the middle out to form your pizza pie.  Spay the top side of your crust with some Butter Flavored Pam and sprinkle some seasonings (garlic, rosemary, onion, chipotle, etc).  Place in 425 degree oven to par bake (8-10 min. for small, 12 for larger).  While your crust bakes sauté vegetables or cook meat for the pizza so everything will be done cooking at the same time and your crust will not be overdone.

List of Must Haves For Great Pizzas

No Fat or Low Fat Mozzarella                                     Low Fat Canadian Bacon

Low Fat Pizza Sauce                                                     Low Fat Grated Parmesan Cheese

No Fat Cream Cheese                                                Egg Beaters

Herbs/Spices                                                               Ground Turkey Breast/Chicken Breast


Chicken Breast (or tenders)

For more pizza recipes and ideas please visit my blog  lowfatdiva.wordpress.com or email me at 1lowfatdiva@gmail.com



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