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Fast and Easy Dressing for Salads October 24, 2011

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Since we are closing up our cottage most of the food has been brought back home.  I was making a salad this past weekend and discovered I didn’t have any dressing 😦  So, as I was rummaging through the frig and cupboards I found two items, jam and balsamic vinegar.  Working on a ratio for the two, I finally created a great low fat dressing.  I even put in some red pepper flakes into the dressing to give it a bit of zest.  My husband thought I had bought more dressing at the store and wanted to know who made it?  Boy was he surprised when I said I did and told him how!

I hope you enjoy creating some fun new dressings with your family with this idea.  Enjoy!  For comments and questions 1lowfatdiva@gmail.com


Dressing For Salad

Whisk together 2 tablespoons of your favorite jam with 1-2 tablespoons of balsamic vinegar.  You  can add different spices depending on the jam you use.  I make mine with Raspberry Jam and added just a bit of red pepper flakes, letting it sit for just a couple of minutes, letting the flavors combine.  The pepper flakes gave it a sweet/spicy flavor – yummmm



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