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A Challange Or A Nightmare? January 17, 2012

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I want to tell you about a decision that I made with a friend of mine that is either going to be a fun challenge or a dreadful nightmare!  We were together for dinner one night talking about cleaning, families (girl talk stuff), when she made a comment about sorting through her pantry and finding items she didn’t even know were there.  I laughed and told her with my frig design (narrow side by side) more than once I had lost items in the back and they became “science projects”.

As we laughed at our comments and conversation, she stopped and said “I have always wanted to try this challenge I read about.  You must only use the items in your frig, freezer, cupboard and pantry to create meals”.  Does this mean the grocery store is off limits, I asked?  The answer was yes!  The challenge was to see how long you could wait to go to the grocery store by only using/creating meals with what you already have.

Well I leaped in with both feet and told her if she was game so was I.  We decided on some “rules” for the challenge. 1) We could only eat out 1 time a week, 2) no borrowing foods from anyone else other than each other (since we were the only nuts we knew that would take on this challenge) and 3) who ever lasted the longest would get a fabulous 4 course meal made by the person to cave in and go shopping.  We also decided the challenge would start that night!

At first I left feeling pretty confident in myself although I knew I had possibly a couple of handicaps against me.  You see my friend is not married so she only has to cook on a regular basis for herself (her boyfriend does come up a couple of times a month but he agreed to not bring any food) and she is a teacher so she can very easily bring her lunch to work.  Here are my handicaps; I have a husband to cook for regularly, I have two little granddaughters who come to visit and I have occasional meetings over lunch with my editor. Oh, and possibly the biggest handicap of all, I still had to work in the Test Kitchen on recipes for my articles!  …….Holy Crow!  What have I agreed to?

When my husband came home I explained what I had committed to doing.  He laughed – alot.   I sure hope he keeps that sense of humor in week 4 or 5 when he hasn’t had any vegetables but frozen beans and peas 🙂  I had a slight panic attack when I checked the content of my frig and found  I was low on no fat coffee cream, was totally out of milk and there was not a leaf of lettuce to be found.  Already I can see I may have to switch to tea in a few days, eat dry cereal and live without one of my staples, salad!  I had my husband do an inventory in our freezer too.  He informed me that we had plenty of meat  and said “I guess we will not starve”.  Ha, ha.

This is the meal that I prepared for our first night.  It also falls in line with my theme for January on Pasta.  I made Pierogies with a turkey, mushroom red sauce, green beans (part of that huge bag) and some homemade bread.  The recipe is in the Main Dish category on the right.  Let the challenge begin!!

For those of you that don’t know me, in some things I’m extremely competitive and although I know this is going to be tough, it’s also going to be fun.  If you would like to get involved let me know, email me ramona@lowfatdivablog.com.  We may need to trade recipes on things we still have left:)


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