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Cherry Couscous January 18, 2012

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I started making rice pudding a few years ago after my husband ordered it while we were on vacation in Mexico!  I know, strange.  But amazingly enough the server knew exactly what he wanted but told us they didn’t have any.  The chef actually came out and told us if we came back the next night he would have some for my husband and so we did plus we brought a couple more people with us.  It was a good think we did bring extras because the huge bowl that looked like a serving dish was filled with rice pudding!  Yes, my husband was a happy camper.

I have made a variety of different rice puddings for him since so when I came across this recipe for couscous instead of rice I was excited to try it.  The texture of couscous is quite similar to rice but the flavor is quite unique.  I have only tried using couscous a few times (check out the breakfast tab) but the ingredients in this recipe seemed intriguing.

Since I’m in the middle of a “Food Challenge” right now I did have to improvise a bit (see blog posts) but you can’t tell and the recipe turned out very delicious!   I can see if you found  dried fruit other than cherries that pared well with almond you could use those instead.  Enjoy!  The recipe can be located in the Dessert Tab on the right

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