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Day 2 Of The “Challenge” January 18, 2012

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Tonight for dinner I decided to use a couple of the sacred carrots that  I had in the frig for my Hearty Stout Stew.  In some ways I feel like a pioneer woman, save but not too long so things don’t spoil!  When cooking I very rarely count but usually eyeball some ingredients when I put them in my recipes.  This time I literally counted the mini carrots and cut them in thirds to make the stew look as if there was more in it!

The Hearty Stew recipe is located in the Main Dish tab on the right hand side of the page.  The stew also calls for a somewhat secret ingredient, parsnips.  I had a few, they were quite wilted but I figured that in the timing of when I put them in the stew to cook and it was a success because the stew was yummy and my husband had no clue I had rationed some of the ingredients.  In fact his comment was “Hey this Challenge isn’t so bad” as he devoured the stew.  I had to remind him that it was only DAY 2 of the “Challenge” and we still had some staples left (let’s see how excited he is in a couple of weeks)!


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