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Pesto Spinach Fettuccine With Chicken And Peas January 24, 2012

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What do you do when you find some green noodles in your freezer and are not sure what they are?  Why make fettuccine with pesto, chicken and peas!

If you have been reading the blogs lately you know  that I have been doing a “food challenge” with my friend.  The premise of the challenge is you must use what you have and not go to the store.  The one who holds out the longest before going to the store wins a delightful 4 course meal prepared by the looser of the challenge…..My mouth is already watering because I just know I can hold out the longest!!!

I found a small bag of green noodles in my freezer, yes, I knew were not moldy if that is what you were thinking and wanted to make something with them.  I found a bit more regular fettuccine noodles in the pantry and decided to whip up something.  I still had a package of pesto in the pantry so I felt I was part way there.  Found some chicken breasts in freezer and the only vegetables I have left are green beans and peas so it was definitely going to be a green dish!

I sliced up the chicken breast, seasoned them with some garlic and stir fried them in a small pan.  I boiled my noodles, keeping 1 cup of the pasta water to make my dried pesto with and added my frozen peas the last 3 minutes of cooking.  Whisked my pesto mix with the pasta water, added my noodles, tossed to mix, added my chicken slices and peas.  Hello goodness!  Ok, it was a bit of a green dinner but the taste was superb!

I found a single ciabatta roll, cut it in half, sprayed with olive oil and garlic.  Dinner was ready!  Only comment that was received from my husband was “are you still doing that food thing” ?  When I told him yes, he looked surprised and said the frig seemed full.   I told my husband to hunker down because I thought we could go at least another 4 weeks with the challenge.  At that comment I definitely got the deer in the headlight look!!

Enjoy my simple, quick but very delicious meal.  For questions/comments email me  ramona@lowfatdivablog.com


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