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There Really Is Time For Homemade Bread! January 29, 2012

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You are probably asking yourself, “What planet is this woman on?  Time for homemade bread when I’m already a fulltime mom, have a full time job, am a wife and caregiver for others…um NO”.  I know we live in a world of instant breakfast, remote car starters, movies on demand and microwave meals but I’m here to tell you there is still time to make bread – Can you say Bread Machine?

My first bread machine was given to me about 10 years ago by my mom.  Sure, I used it a lot at first but then it was relinquished to the basement to sit with all the other kitchen appliances that didn’t get used on a regular basis (if it’s not used daily it does not get to “live” in the kitchen – sound familiar?). Before Christmas we were invited to a gathering with an auction.  To make a long story short I purchased a gallon of a home brew beer, thinking it would be great to share at the holidays.  Boy was I wrong, it tasted dreadful and I was stuck with a GALLON of this stuff.  Not wanting to waste the beer I went to the test kitchen trying to find something I might be able to make out of it.  While staring in my pantry I noticed I was out of bread….first light bulb!  I went down to the basement, found my bread machine and put it to work.  It did take a few tries but I came up with bread worthy of sharing and people were asking for whole loaves not just a slice!  My husband saw me using the bread machine and in his astuteness said “oh look we get to have homemade bread again”! Well, that is when the second light bulb went off and I thought yea, this thing sits on a shelf in the basement when it could be helping me make all types of delicious homemade bread!  Most bread machines allow you to make and bake the bread right in the machine (you can also set the machine to make/bake while you are at work) or you can do what I like to do.  I make the dough and then I remove it from the machine, knead the dough, form it into a loaf, let rise and then bake in the oven.  Yes, it’s a bit of extra work but it’s also fun!  This month Plumb’s Market offers coupons for bread as well as gluten-free flour.  Although you can’t make gluten-free bread in most of the older bread machines (like mine), I know there are some of the newer ones that have a setting for it.

I swear by my bread machine and this recipe that I’m sharing with you is just scrumptious…..what-you don’t have a bread machine?  Christmas has passed, bills are coming in from all the shopping that you did and you can’t purchase one right now?  No worries, you can register to WIN the bread machine by sending me your name and how to contact you to ramona@lowfatdivablog.com.

Check out the recipes for Chocolate Porter Beer Bread (all alcohol is baked away) and the other is for a wonderful Gluten-Free Breakfast Bread in the Bread & Muffin Tab                            Enjoy!


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