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Some Helpful Hints For Bread Making February 11, 2012

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I will admit in the Test Kitchen I have experienced a few failures making  bread.  I have had my share of heavy whole wheat door stops, doughy messes and loaves that took off like a helium balloon.  But none of those issues was the fault of my bread machine, they were all operator error almost every time.

Most of the issues were regarding ingredients.  Bread machines are almost fool-proof but there needs to be a constant balance with the ingredients.  One of my big pitfalls was cheese because as the dough is mixing and proofing it melts down to a liquid, therefore if you don’t compensate for the extra liquid the dough will not turn out as it should.  So if you put cheese into any of your recipes, be sure to cut down on the water in your recipe.

If you add dried fruit you can cut back on the sugar in your recipe and if you want the fruit to be whole in the dough be sure to add it towards the last part of the cycle or it gets blended into fine bits.

Different blends of flour can produce breads with not only varying flavors but also they also change the density.

Experiment, use your bread machines and have fun.  I try to make something new and different a couple of times a week.   Today I made some orange rolls, check back for the recipe on this blog.  Thanks and hopefully you are enjoying all the new bread machine recipes I have been giving you!


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