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Two Great Finds May 8, 2012

While shopping in the store the other day I found a great dip to make from a package.  The name is Tomato Lime Salsa by Fresh Finds.  Not only is the dip Gluten Free but you can very easily make it low fat – which as you know is always a plus! The other reason I was so excited is because the mix is versatile, you can use it as a dip or you can make it into a dressing which is what I was really looking for.

I like taco salad but not all the fat that goes along with the salad.  So, with this dip mix I can add low fat buttermilk and no fat mayo to come up with a great dressing for my new taco salad – wahoo!  The rest is pretty easy, spread a nice helping of spring greens on a plate, shred some cooked chicken breast that I already sprinkled with some great chipolte seasoning, grate some low fat sharp cheddar cheese, dice up some green onions, cut grape tomatoes in half, drain and rinse some black beans, defrost some corn, sprinkle some corn tortilla chips that I made on top of the salad and pour a bit of the new dressing on top!

Now what about dessert???  How about Flan.  I know you are thinking -hey that is a bit difficult to make with three kids running around, full time job, house work………..and the list goes on.  No worries!  Jello makes a Flan Spanish Style Custard and it’s low in fat.  All you need to do when you prepare it is to use either no fat half and half or you can combine no fat sweetened condensed milk along with skim and you will have a rich dreamy flan.  I have some in the frig right now and will take pictures to show you that if I can make it, so can you!       Ohhhhh even at 8:00am this sounds delish…..Enjoy!  For comments/questions email me ramona@lowfastdivblog.com



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