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Does Your Sandwich Pass B.I.T.E. May 30, 2012

When I started doing research for my article on sandwiches this month, I discovered people I talked with about this subject loved them and were extremely passionate in regards to how their sandwich was made or had an indifference to sandwiches all together.  Go figure!

I usually approached people with “what is your favorite sandwich and who makes it/where can you get it”?  Some felt a true deli was the only place that could make a great sandwich because the meats were cut for you as your sandwich was being prepared and there was not an “assembly line” mentality.  Living in an area that is not known for “delis” like larger cities, we decided there were some restaurants that made pretty good sandwiches and put their own spin on some of the classics.  It was interesting to swap places and sandwiches that we have tried.

While doing my research I realized how some sandwiches have changed over the years, like the Fried Cheese (you can find it on the adult side of the menu and it’s not made with “plastic cheese”) or the Rubin (now made with turkey or beef).  I found the people who ate a lot of sandwiches also cared about the same things I did like the base of the sandwich, the bread is very important in the making of any sandwich (B), what the ingredients consisted of that you used in the middle (I), the taste of the sandwich that developed when you pared great things items together in your sandwich (T) and in the end enjoying your creation or the one that someone else prepared for you (E).  B.I.T.E. that is how I judge a sandwich, whether I make it or I try one made elsewhere and yes I feel you can have a great sandwich that is low in fat.  Try having some dressing or some of the specialty cheese the sandwich comes with.  You don’t need to lather the sandwich in sauce or condiments because then you can’t truly taste all the different flavors that are going on. If the sandwich is “toasted” ask them to lightly butter the bread or ask for half the cheese.

The two pictures of sandwiches I have with my article this month are different versions of a Rubin.  I made one using thin sliced turkey and the other for my husband has traditional corn beef.  As you can see there is a nice portion of meat on them, yet each sandwich only has 4 0z of meat but it looks like more because I had the deli at Plumb’s slice it thin.  I also changed things up by using Ciabatta Bread for my base and I made my own version of a 1000 Island sauce by adding some hot sauce so it had a fair amount of zing which blended very well with the sauerkraut and Swiss cheese (again, sliced very thin you can have the good stuff).  My husband asked if I could do anything to give his Rubin a smoky taste, so I thinly sliced some smoked cheddar to put on his sandwich before I put it in a Panini press and he was drooling with anticipation!

I have made Rubin sandwiches with rye bread, an everything bagel, sourdough bread and other rustic types.  It’s time to upgrade your sandwich; the days of plain white bread are over!  Even peanut butter sandwiches are getting a mixed up a bit.  There is a restaurant in Muskegon Michigan that actually has a peanut butter with duck sandwich and it’s one of their best sellers.  If you are a sandwich lover and not indifferent about them, try my B.I.T.E test on the next one you make or you order at a restaurant/deli.

All this month on my web site I will be giving you tasty ideas for sandwiches like my daughters favorite a toasted raisin bagel, turkey bacon, egg and Munster cheese (and she says the bagel has to be raisin – no substitutions).   Enjoy!



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