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Learning All About Garlic Garlic August 5, 2012

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I thought i was pretty savvy until I met Linda and Rick Rickert from Ricketville Farm  “Where the Alliums Grow”.   I love garlic and have used smoked garlic, chopped garlic, fresh garlic, roasted garlic, garlic powder and garlic salt.  but I was soooo wrong.

I stopped by the Rickertville Farm booth at a farmers market and couldn’t believe my eyes, there was at least 20 different types of garlic and that was not even half their stock.  Each type of garlic is assigned a number, you are given a piece of paper that explains what  the name of each garlic you purchased is as it correlates to the number.  What a marketing plan!

I knew in cooking not to burn your garlic because it will become bitter and the flavor is lost.  But what I didn’t know is with some garlic types you can actually get a totally different flavor if you use it raw, lightly saute’ it for only seconds or allow it to cook with your recipe.

While I was at their booth I purchased the Kilarney Red which is a very strong, hot, spicy garlic when it’s not cooked.  Some of the heat does fade if you cook it but the flavor is still delightful!  I have also tried some of their shallots.  One that I have fallen in love with is a type of Saffron shallot.  We had it on burgers last night and it was awesome!

I have asked  Linda and Rick to give me some of their favorite garlic recipes which I hope to bring to you next week!  so until then, keep reading about all the other farm market fresh vegetables and herbs I give you recipes for.  Enjoy!!!!

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