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Protein Shakes For Lunch September 14, 2012

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I was at the farmers market today and talking to one of the vendors about some of their squash.  The guy wanted to share his “recipe ” with me on how he prepared  squash when he cooked. As I listened he noticed when I cringed a bit as he sated he poured enough olive oil to cover the bottom of his skillet – sorry  I couldn’t help myself.  He asked me if I didn’t like olive oil and I told him that was not the point it was the amount of olive oil he was using to saute his vegetables.  His comment was  “hey,, I quit using butter”……..oh boy….but he did have a point.  When I explained it was still considered a fat (he was trying to cut down) he claimed what most people do “its a good fat”.  Yes, it is, however folks, you have to still use it sparingly.

The man went on to say that he was on the road a great deal and had a hard time eating healthy.He either ate out of gas stations or he ate fast food all the time but was starting  to worry because his mom died recently of  heart issues at an early age.  The guy was on the right track he was trying to not use butter in his cooking and changing over to olive oil but I explained he needed to cut back on the amount he used.

Next we talked about his lunch time dilemma, sound familiar?. I told him, eating from a gas station can work but you had to make wise choices not the polish dogs 2 for a 1.00 or slices of pizza, etc.  He asked my opinion about protein shakes.  I am not a fan about these for me, but that is because I need something to chew.  I find that drinking my lunch just does not work.  Now that being said, my daughter will drink protein shakes for lunch and find they fill her up better than eating a salad or a sandwich.  I told him to research the  shakes because some cost a great deal and some were still pretty high in fat and sugar. Cost is something else to consider.  Try and find one that you can make up at home, put in a thermos to keep cold and you can have it whenever or where ever you are at.  I also suggested he try some of the snack ideas from my web site to bag up in case he gets he urge to crunch something during the day.

You can be a truck driver, sales person, real estate representative or construction worker and still make a healthy lunch for yourself.  It really boils down to planning.  There are a great deal of satisfying items to eat that are a low fat option.

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FYI:  If you do have to eat a fast food restaurant because that is the “safest””  thing you can find, try and locate one that has baked potatoes or salads.  You can order one of the smaller burgers and then order a baked potato (minus all the toppings) or a salad with the dressing on the side.



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