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Frozen Lunches? September 24, 2012

Some readers have been writing me regarding frozen dinners, which are the best/worst, etc?  Well, I have to say that I don’t eat them, however that doesn’t mean I wont try them!  So off to the grocery I went and decided to try a couple of frozen items.

The readers that asked me about this gave good reasons for their request.  Some had accessibility to microwaves (teachers), were single and didn’t always cook extras doing the week to have left overs, husbands traveled, empty nesters, was not fond of left overs.  All good reasons (didn’t understand the “not fond of left overs)  and made me wonder if I lived alone if I would always cook as I do now or would I eat out more or buy boxed foods…………..no I like to cook so even if it’s just for me so that is not a visual for me 🙂

At the grocery, this is what I discovered about the boxed foods, some may be low in fat but extremely high in sodium so please watch that!

Smart Ones

Orange Sesame Chicken (7 grams)

Sante Fe Rice & Beans (7 grams) – needed some chicken breast


Broccoli Beef  (7 grams)

Garlic Chicken (5 1/2 grams)

Lean Cuisine

Shrimp & Angle Hair (6 grams)

Pizza  (7-9 grams)

Sandwich (9 grams)

Veggie Steamers

Awesome!!!  This company had lots of selections that were low in fat, there was enough food to make it feel like lunch and not a snack, taste good and when you put a bit of chicken breast or pork tenderloin I was a happy woman.

Now these are the only companies that I looked at but there are lots of others to try.  You  do need to be careful on reading the back of the package for not only the sodium content but also if the numbers are for 1 serving or 2!  I know, it’s hard to believe they could get 2 servings out of the little boxes but some do claim you can.

I found Smart Ones to be my favorite of the flavors I tried.  It was also tempting to try the raspberry cheese cake that was only 4 grams but I decided to wait for another day.

Bottom line, yes, you can buy lunches in a box to eat if you really watch the label.  Some I found were more fat than just eating at a restaurant.  Can you save money?  Not unless you find your box lunch on sale because they are quite costly.

I know that you don’t want to eat salads everyday and you think there is not time for anything else.  I really disagree, if you are willing to make some foods up, store in containers in freezer and take out daily for lunch, you really could be a happy camper!  Watch sandwich meats too because they can be extremely high in sodium, could be low in fat but if they are high in sodium that is not good.   Enjoy!!!  For comments/questions contact ramona@lowfatdivablog.com


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