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Great Things You Can Make With Rice! January 2, 2013

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No, I have not decided for a New Year’s resolution to become a DIY person, I’m talking about all the great recipes you can make using rice.  Rice has been a staple in my house since I was in college because it’s not expensive for the most part and you can add meat, veggies, eggs or put rice into soup to have a healthy meal. Most of us have had the lean “macaroni and cheese”/rice years, whether it was in college, a move, new job, first years of marriage or you might be going through it right now.  When I graduated from college I moved to Virginia where the cost of living was much higher than I was used to in the Mitten, so Iearned how to add and prepare rice to many of my recipes(my grocery budget was $5.00).  Plus in the southern states if you were not eating grits with every meal (I still have not developed a taste for those), you were eating beans and rice.  In many areas they eat beans and rice on New Year’s Day because it’s considered good luck/fortune.

Please don’t think “how can she come up with that many recipes containing white rice” because if you have the notion that white or brown rice is the only type available, you have not been down the rice aisle for a long time.  Recently I wrote down over eleven different types of rice on the shelf at Plumb’s Market and I didn’t even get to them all. If you follow my blog, lowfatdivablog.com, this month I promise to help you explore the world of rice by sharing tasty recipes for dishes like Paella, Jambalaya, Sushi, Saffron, Rice Pudding or Risotto, which is one of my favorites.  Please feel free to contact me ramona@lowfatdivablog.com

Happy New Year and best wishes to all of you in 2013.


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