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Intro To Sushi January 20, 2013

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At first I was going to write out the recipe for sushi rice/sticky rice and then give more recipes for rolling up sushi, what to put in it and lots of other stuff.  However my son, Mr. Techno told me I was too “old school” so I decided to go over a couple of things about sushi rice and then give you some guidance about venturing into making sushi.

Rice Cooker

This is a rice cooker and no, I do not have one a great deal of my friends do.  It is a nice addition to your kitchen if you have kids at home or you get into making a great deal of rice.  When you are making sushi rice, it does make things easier and eliminate some steps you would have to do if you use a conventional pot on the stove.  My friends who make sushi all the time swear by their rice cookers and of course they all have an opinion which is the best.  If you choose to purchase one, I really can only tell you to do some research on rice cookers and see which fits your needs the best.

You can make regular rice in the rice cookers, it’s not just for sushi rice.  You do need short grain or specific sushi rice.



To make some sushi rolls  all you need are some  ingredients  like are in the bottom picture along with either fresh or smoked tuna/salmon, wasabi, light mayo mixed with some Sriracha Chili Sauce, English cucumber, onion, thinly sliced carrots, etc.  The seaweed salad, I always purchase because my husband does not like it and if it’s only us eating the sushi, I only need a small amount.

The book in the last picture is one my friend Holly gave me and I love it.  There are step by step instructions for all the different sushi rolls you can make, rice instructions, a glossary of terms so you know what items are and why they are used.  Or you can do as my son does and just go onto the net and find things on Youtube on how to roll your sushi.  Either way, these few things will get you started and it’s tons of fun.  Sushi parties are a great way to try varieties of different rolls and everyone will get involved in the rolling 🙂   Enjoy!!!!  For comments/questions email ramona@lowfatdivablog.com


The book Sushi Modern, is a great beginner book, Norri papers and sushi rice are basics for the rolls.  A rolling mat is a made of bamboo and also an important piece to make your rolls.


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