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Biere de Mac January 9, 2019

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First Brewery Trip of 2019

Michigan weather has been super fickle this season, so when the weather man says high of 40 and patchy sun it’s time for a quick road trip.  Quick because of my husband’s job.  He rarely gets away on Saturdays before 3 but my hope is with nice weather we could finally get up to Mackinaw City where a guy I went to school with started a brewery.  George ( the owner) has a small brewery called Biere de Mac.  George along with his son Danny started the brewery I believe a couple of years ago and although not right in Mackinaw City  the brewery has developed a great following.  Their web site gives you the back story on why George, who was raised in Fremont MI, married and  after raising  his family in Michigan  decided to move all the way up to Mackinaw City.

Here is a link to their web site   http://bieredemac.com/about/

My goal was to not only get up North to see the brewery but to also have the guys and their staff  try my beer marshmallows so  I made up some fresh, grabbed a couple jars of beer jelly and hit the road.  After about 3.5 hours (with only 1 quick potty break stop) we checked into our hotel and headed to the brewery.

One of things I first noticed was how peacefully quiet the area was.  That being said the brewery had a fair amount of customers  for dinner.  Our server was Molly and she was quite a delight.   Molly took the time to tell Forrest (my husband) and I the specials for the night and what were her favorites.  We then moved onto the beer menu and she was very knowledgeable about all the selections.  Forrest chose 3 different styles to try.  As I have explained on my “Home Page” I like to sample beer but not drink it so Forrest always tries to pick out some unique styles he thinks I might like to try.  Being a big time hophead he also selects some that have a high IBU and just giggles when I attempt to taste it.  Usually I get the glass to my nose and that is as far as things progress!

Forrest felt the beer was pretty solid for  being a relatively new brewery.  All had a good mouth feel and were not “thin” like many other breweries we have visited.  The food was ok also.  I had buyers remorse with what I choose because I saw plates of other things I wish I would have ordered instead but there is always next time 🙂

You are probably wondering how the beer marshmallows went?  Well, I can say about the way it normally does when I have brewery guys try them  – “they are ok”.  I feel its a win when the staff gets a chance to taste them or other people in the brewery and their faces light up when they bite into something they will never forget.  The OMG this is a marshmallow made with beer?  The green flecks are hops?  The dark chocolate on the outside is awesome and blends so well.   Women  beer drinkers are usually the most descriptive so that is fun for me.  The guys so far…ehhh.

Side note:  I have not heard from my high school friend on how he like the beer marshmallows or the jelly.  My taste tester friends say I should contact him and ask – my response is…nope!

If you want to try  a new brewery  check out  Biere de Mac.  They are not open on Mondays and there are  a lot of things  that are not open  in Mackinaw City so do your homework first by using your pall Google.

So until next time, happy beer travels……………………………..


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