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An Energy Bar Made With Spent Grain January 16, 2019

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In my stocking for Christmas  this year my daughter gave me an energy bar called Regrained Supergrain Bar.  Time got away from me and I forgot to try it so today before I went to work out I decided to try the bar. At first I thought maybe it was out of date and that is why it was so dry and not edible.

OMG not only was the taste not pleasant but I could hardly chew it  – so not yummy!  I looked the bar up on the internet and wanted to check it out.  I found where you could purchase them at 29.99 for 12 bars (no they are not big).  There were a couple of flavors and one was coffee like the bar I had.

These spent grain bars may give you energy but wow, I am not sure how I could get it down to give me the energy.  I have made a lot of things with spent grain and have made some granola bars with it but the bars I made were not this dry and they had flavor.

My suggestion is to probably avoid buying the Regrained Supergrain Bars and if you want to try one see if you can get a sample.  Like I said it’s possible my bar was out of date or something but I have a feeling after I read the ingredients my first bite of the bar is how it’s suppose to taste.

Would love to hear from anyone who has tried one of the bars and what your opinion was.  Do you have a favorite spent grain granola bar recipe?  Let me know!

Here is some into on this product if you want to check things out.   https://www.regrained.com/


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