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How My Journey Began January 24, 2019

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A few years ago I took my love for creating foods/recipes down a different path.  I loved this idea so much that I changed my original logo from my web site and took off like a wild woman on a mission.

My husband has been brewing beer for a few years now and loves to create recipes…..for beer.  I wanted to be supportive with his home brew interest but the truth is I like to “taste test” beer but I do not like to drink it! Soooo, this is how my Hopps Diva came about.  My husband would make the beer and I would come up with ways to develop or adapt recipes for the beer.

At first the ideas were just with the “spent grain” but you can only use so much of that at a time and spent grain bread made from the “mash” gets to be very boring.  I moved on to incorporating the beer into recipes that I had developed  or used on a regular basis .  Close your eyes and picture this, Creamy Coffee Stout Cupcakes, Dark Porter Cake, Beer Bacon Muffins, Raspberry Wheat Beer Donuts, Beer Sorbet, homemade beer marshmallows dipped in chocolate or Hearty Pork Stew with a Brown Ale.  Any of that tantalize your taste buds if so you can find most of the recipes right here on my blog page.

Well all of that was fun but not enough, I wanted more.  The ideas were there but I was stumped about one process, getting the spent grain down fine enough to really be a good flour.  I worked on this process for over a year and I knew what had to happen only I also knew different equipment was going to be needed.  Long story short, I met a guy who has the equipment and after a lot of teaching on both of our parts we made my dream happen; spent grain flour as fine as any flour you could find at the market.  Bad news, “the guy” only wants to do this process on a hundreds of pound scale because of the cost of production.  Don’t get me wrong, in my mind as a business person I totally get it but in my heart – well not so much.  Even the absolutely delish spent grain flour beer banana bread didn’t nudge him.

As you can guess by now my journey is not over but just had a hiccup in the road. My adventures continue as I “taste test” microbrew beer, develop more recipes and continue the search for a new way to make the spent grain flour that I want to use as well as teach others how to incorporate it into their own recipes………………………………………………….until next time and hopefully we see each other in a brewery


Hopp Diva



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