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Beer Marshmallows Meet A Fishing Guide April 5, 2019

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Oh to be a fly on the wall as you all read that title and give the “say what” look on your face.  Yes, you read the title for today’s blog correctly.  Here is a little in site to the title.  A couple of years ago I met an awesome woman named Heather.  Heather is this mom/entrepreneur/wife who always seems like she had it all together.  I immediately liked Heather and although our paths didn’t cross a great deal, when we did see each other it was just like we had met for coffee last week.  On one of our occasional meets I met Heather’s husband Jay who is a fishing guide and travels all over for his job.  Although Heather and her children had tried my  beer marshmallows before Jay had not but had heard about them.  So one day I dropped off a bag  to Heather so he could try them.  The next day  I received such a wonderful thank you from them and praises about my beer marshmallows.

The day I dropped off the beer marshmallows I also had a plate of some other things for Jay and Heather to try.  I included my beer bundt cakes and some fresh beer doughnuts!  The family literally had a feast with their coffee that day.

The next time I saw Heather I mentioned what a great parting gift a couple of beer marshmallows would be for Jay’s customers!  I saw the light come on in her eyes as she smiled and told me she would definitely talk to Jay about this idea!  I can tell you I am pretty excited!!!!

Now if you are in the area and want a great fishing guide or you want to find out all the places Jay travels to, check out his face book page Jay Allen’s Guided Fly Fishing    https://www.facebook.com/pages/category/Local-Business/Jay-Allens-Guided-Fly-Fishing-162669950439604/


Chat with you all later!

Hopp Diva


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