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Taste Testers September 3, 2019

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Taste Testers, the meaning should be in the words – right?  Welllll………….maybe not.

Some of the women in the picture on my front page volunteered for the job but I am not sure we had the same idea of what that meant.  Lately I have been working on a lot of different Beer Jam recipes and have needed help with the tasting. I need to know if the flavors work well together (Blueberry Pepper IPA, Spicy Plum Stout), is there enough heat, can you taste the fruit?   I wanted them to tell me different ways they have been using the jam, recipes they might be using – not just eating it out of the jar! Seems like it is a pretty easy task but they have been slacking, I mean they are not even returning my jars 🙂

No, seriously they are great women and they do help with some stuff.  One of the jams I made, a  jalapeno IPA,  has gone over well with not only them but everyone who has tried it. I have used the jams on Charcuterie boards with homemade salami, goat cheese along with baguettes.

Unfortunately where I live makes it difficult to get my product out in the public.  The Farmers Markets are pretty small and the people are not exactly opened minded around here.  When I offer samples of the jam or the beer marshmallows I make, the comments are “no I can’t sample because I am driving”. So, I know have to find a different outlet if I want to continue creating my recipes.  I have looked into selling online but the costs are pretty high and I don’t want the product to be so high people are not able to try it but I will keep you informed if things change.

I promised a guy from our brew group I would try and make a Hop Jam. He wants no beer flavor just hops so I am working on that recipe now.  Let’s just say a person will really have to like the flavor of hops to enjoy this jam 🙂  The tough part will be to make sure the flavor is not too bitter and the jam will have a great flavor.

Have a great one and stay tuned for more great hop adventures!


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