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Contact August 5, 2010


Send your comments, questions or suggestions to 1lowfatdiva@gmail.com


9 Responses to “Contact”

  1. Tracy Tanis Says:

    Yea! I will definitely be trying these recipes! I loved the blueberry bread….this web site is very user friendly! I am very happy to have this site to go to! Great idea!!!!

  2. Jean Says:

    Hi Low Fat Diva!
    I am wondering if you can help me make a delicious corn bread recipe healthier. It is simple to make, just 5 ingredients, and YUMMY, but I worry about the stick of butter. I also have only made it with full octane sour cream. Any ideas?
    Here’s the recipe for “Sonya’s Corn Bread”
    1 can creamed corn
    1 can corn
    1 box Jiffy corn bread mix
    1 cup sour cream
    1 stick butter
    Mix and bake at 350. If you like it thick, use a square pan and cook a bit longer. For thinner, use a 13 X 9 pan. It is moist and really hits the spot.

    Thank you!

    • lowfatdiva Says:

      Dear Jean, Thank you so much for checking out my web site. The recipe does sound great and yes, I do think we can make this lower in fat without using the yumminess:) My suggestion to you is to use no fat sour cream instead of the full fat. Also use blue Bonnet Low Fat margarine for the butter. I think you may be able to cut back a bit on the butter but only by a couple of tablespoons. I have discovered the hard way you can’t cut down too much on the “fat” with baked goods or they turn rubbery. I too want to try this recipe so let me know how things work out.
      Thanks again!

  3. Stephanie Says:

    Hi, I have just disovered your website and am enjoying it. My questions is, I am trying to be more healthy and lose some weight. Is there anything else that you watched along with watching your fat – calories, carbs, etc.? I am working on being more active. Thanks!

    • lowfatdiva Says:

      Hey Stephanie, Thank you so much for emailing me. I do hope that you enjoy the web site and all the tasty recipes that I blog about. If you are trying to be more healthy, my first suggestion is to pick a number of fat grams that you think you can stick to each day. For instance I allow myself about 24-28 grams a day. I don’t starve by any means and I eat three meals a day (no twigs or cardboard for me). I’m a big time foodie and love to find ways to make things lower in fat but still taste great. I don’t’ like weight loss programs where I eat one thing and have to cook something separate for my husband or when my family visits. Read labels when you are purchasing things from the store. I try to eat as much fresh food as I possibly can. When I purchase chicken I only get skinless, boneless chicken breast. You can make tons of things with them and as long as you do not over cook the breast, they are tender and moist. I love fish but you do have to watch the fat in many different types of fish. Yes, I know it’s good fat but if you are trying to lose weight you still have to consider that in the amount of fat grams you have in your daily intake. When you eat beef, eat very lean hamburg and mix in some ground chicken breast or turkey breast into the burger. For steak, I make skirt or flank steak on the grill. The meat is so tender when you cut it on an angle its like butter! Pork is great as long as you use pork tenderloin because it’s very low in fat. You can slice a tenderloin up for stir fry, bake it, grill it or you can even cook it a very long time and make pulled pork sandwiches from it ( I will have a recipe for that in a couple of days).

      You asked about being active/working out. That is always a plus to any weight loss and you will find you will not only loose faster but tone as you loose. I walk/trot every day either on the treadmill or outside. I am not as good about weights but I know that is important too so I’m working on it 🙂

      For you favorite recipes, use my “staples” list to help you substitute for items in a recipe that may contain a great deal of fat. There will be times you can’t substitute things, like pie crust. You just can’t take a lot of the fat out because it just will not work, so I compromise and make a one crust, add Blue Bonnet Lite with some of the shortening, make a crisp instead of a pie.

      Please feel free to contact me for any questions, I would love to help you on your weight loss goals.
      Thanks again for contacting me! Enjoy the recipes on my blog site!

      • Stephanie Says:

        Thanks for your reply. Do you watch sugar? Soda’s? I appreciate your help.

  4. lowfatdiva Says:

    I’m not real good at watching sugar because I’m a carbo queen 🙂 Since I eat low fat, I don’t eat a lot of cookies and although in the past I was a huge chocolate lover/snob I have reduced that to very little. I’m not a soda girl but occasionally I will have a diet coke or another type of diet soda. I believe cutting back on sugar will also help in your goals but if you cut out too much, you will feel deprived and will not work at sticking to any new type of eating. Try cutting back on the fat first for a few weeks and once you see you can do it and you are not starving, then tackle reducing your sugar a bit. I have found that many items that are low in fat occasionally are higher in sugar, that is why it’s so important to read the labels.

  5. Joan Handy Says:

    I was interested in your recipe for coffee creamers. It mentions you can make 2 dozen varieties but I seem to only be able to view 8. Also I wonder if you would mind if I share some of your recipes on my weight loss group as long as I give you credit for the recipes?

    • lowfatdiva Says:

      Good Morning Joan. Thanks so much for contacting me. I think the words “2 dozen” is basically that you can create lots of different varieties. I hope you enjoy the creamers, I know I use them all the time not only with my coffee but with baking instead of using cream in recipes 🙂 Yes, please do share any recipes on my blog site with your group. Please feel free to have them contact me if they would need/like anything further or have questions.
      Have a great day Joan and thanks again for checking out my blog site 😉

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